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布莱克山州立大学 students recently took a day to tour organizations in Hot Springs identifying potential employment and internships opportunities.

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This opportunity provided a way for students to go beyond the Northern Hills to view opportunities outside of our local area, and shows what life in South Dakota has to offer Nelson said.

Seeing the superintendent or director of each program really know their clients was a huge highlight of the day. “You know that you’re going to be working with an elite team who really cares about what they’re doing. We got a sense of that small town South Dakota feel,” Adkins adds.

The employers received the idea with open arms, welcoming students into their facilities and were happy to share opportunities. “Employers were grateful for the exposure and opportunity to meet with students,” says Nelson.

After receiving great feedback, Nelson has a goal to have these programs available roughly twice a semester. These 访问s are open to all students across campus, any degree or year.


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学生们 at 布莱克山州立大学 and all around the country are now in their final weeks of school for the semester and are prepping for exams. Whether you’re in high school or in college, these study hacks will help keep your grades up and on track for a solid GPA!


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An agreement between 布莱克山州立大学 and Western Dakota Technical Institute is helping students successfully complete their bachelor’s degrees in human services.
Brent Moe of Rapid City will graduate from BHSU 十二月. 14 as a result of the agreement between the two schools. Moe works as a community services officer at the Rapid City Police Department.